Dreaming about swapping skin suits

Swapping skin suits
 I had the ability to switch out skin suits. My body could be put on and taken off like a piece of clothing. When I would step into my skin I would immediately feel all the attachments and preferences connected to the physical being. The love and relationships that were important and the unique combination of 
chemicals hormones and emotions that were habitually flooding my body. I would try on other peoples skin and sink right into the thoughts and fears and loves and moments of that person. All the attachments of my old skin were gone as I was submerged into a new set of sensory preferences. I could feel the connection of loved ones and stories. I could completely understand the feelings associated with the stories that were present. Each skin suit was wonderfully unique; it came along with such a beautiful combination of likes and dislikes and habits and talents. What I did notice was as I was able to bring my consciousness into these suits I had the choice to blend with them and forget myself or continue as myself watching the story unfold. When I stayed distant the human drama was spectacular it was so intricately woven in all directions and the people involved had my love and sympathy. When I chose to get involved I would get lost for decades, I would forget my own consciousness and get so immersed in the drama. I would become the suit.
Jumping was my choice and when I was finished with one suit I could simply discard it by causing a heart attack or car wreck or cancer. It was never an emotional choice I was not attached to any of the human details. What I was attached to was the human experience and I wanted as much of it as I could get. All types of suits were available and each time I choose it was really for the fun of being physical. All of it was wonderful.

When I woke I had an awareness of the consciousness that is wearing Sariah. I and she are the same for right now until she or I get board and decide to cut all ties and jump. For now I am really happy with this suit and I am so excited to meet my consciousness I have a feeling well be together for a long amazing life. 


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