Why Burlesque?

Why Burlesque?
Why not a musical or something that has already been produced?
My answer~ Why Not?

Since I was a little girl all I wanted to do was dance. I came from a very large family with very little money. We moved all the time, at least once a year. Any opportunity of training as a child just didn’t exist. 
Fast forward many years later, being a young mother and raising my own 4 children in my 20s my life was all about taking care of little ones. I didn’t learn how to take care of the things I wanted and needed until much later in the game of motherhood.

 Fast forward again my children are grown I’m in my mid 40s and still just want to dance. I’ts probably not the right time to hit Hollywood and put my heart on stage with all the other young starlets, (not to mention I love my life in my sweet little town). Instead, I’ve decided to bring Hollywood here. Well make our own extravagant show. We’ll enjoy the lights and audience and music as if we were in a major production for the whole world to see. Were mostly a group of armatures choosing to embrace our inner performers.

We all, have something in common. 

It takes guts to try something new, to put your self out there for the public to see. To dance, move sing, create, and best of all embrace your sexy wild side while doing it.

I found that burlesque is a perfect place dig deep inside ourselves and see what were made of then, Dance.

Involving others in accomplishing a part of their life’s dream is one of the most rewarding gifts. I get  to be a part of the development and unveiling of many talents and witness the emerging artist as they step lightly on their new life path. Each step is a little bolder and so much more beautiful.

I have created a fundraising campaign with GoFund me if you would like to donate to our show and support the performing arts. We all would appreciate anything you have to give.
See you at the show ~S  



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