Topless Ballooning

A balloon ride, three friends, 3000 feet above the earth, topless.

This all started as a pet project. One day my girlfriends and I decided we would be travel bloggers.
Our intention was to travel the world, see exotic places, experience wonderful adventures and enjoy amazing events, then share the stories with all of you through blogging.

Our first task was to create a Day full of fun and excitement right in our own back yard.
The beautiful town of Pagosa Springs Colorado is nestled in the San Juan Mountains, and already a very popular tourist destination.
The day was to be a portrayal of our love of travel, friendship and fun. Hoping to inspire others along the way.
The topless bit was discussed as a way to celebrate our glorious wild women sisterhood and challenge others to embrace their bodies and be a little risqué simply for the sake of it.
(side note)…..I have never flashed anyone and in fact grew up in a rigorous religious household that shamed our bodies, needless to say I was very shy and insecure about my fleshy form until just recently, I believe roller derby had something to do with that but that is a whole different story for another time.

In the tiny basket compartment of this gigantic hot air balloon we all decided we would warn the other travelers of our intention, letting them know when it was happening so they could look away if they so chose.

The woman in the compartment next to us protested. She was a young beautiful Eastern European with a thick accent who immediately began on her rant about how we need to do these types of things in “private” (insert accent)
She continued with her nastiness and complaining as the three of us continued to undress.

The picture we were looking for was one of just our backs and in no way were we actually going to flash the people on the balloon ride.  For a brief moment I felt like we should abort our mission out of respect for grouchy woman, and then something overcame me.

I realized that my whole life has been about hiding, being quiet, not rocking the boat. Being a little less brilliant so that those around me could feel comfortable.
I shall hide no more!
As a mother of 4, (three of these being young ladies now). My only true desire is that I can walk the talk. That I am an example to these beautiful people of what it is to live a magnificent life. To embrace all of the wonder in the world and boldly go where my heart leads me.

The topless deed was over and done in less than a full minute and I am left with a feeling of delight knowing that I did something so completely out of my comfort zone.

I can now say I flashed the entire town of Pagosa Springs Colorado at 3000 ft above the ground.


  1. I absolutely love this! Ever since I met you, you've inspired me to live an adventurous and unapologetic life, to embrace big dreams, the present moment, and of course, my body. Thanks for being such a bright, shining, amazing you. xoxo, Casey C.

    1. Thank you beautiful lady I totally adore you 💋


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