comfort zone

Comfort zone

Waking up with a headache, foggy brain, sore tired body, and heavy eyes, then jumping into a rental car on the other side of the planet.  Trusting that my navigation will take me safely through all the one ways and roundabouts, narrow roads and the Autostrada. Driving a car in Florence Italy was one of the challenges that had me questioning my ability as a driver and my own good judgment. However the call for an adventure was clearly louder than the call to be reasonable. As I drove in this foreign land I had an over whelming sensation that every thing will be alright just pay attention. My first stop on the Autostrada was an Auto Grill (Gas station stop on the toll road with food and shops) where I picked up water, Chianti, and an old school paper map. Then proceeded to find my way through beautiful Tuscany.  Into the little town of Caviglia and the gorgeous 700 year old villa Le Lappe.
This trip was planned as a destination wedding for my Sweet friend and her adorable husband to be. They had invited a hand full of people and I was one of the lucky few who was able to come. I felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity and so excited to push past my comfort zone and travel alone.
What I got from this trip was that stepping outside of my own comfort zone was a clear way to find out what I’m capable of.  

The over all feeling was one of accomplishment and expansion.
I see clearly now that if we allow ourselves to boldly dive into the unknown that there is so much potential to grow as a person. After all what are we truly here for?


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