My Art

Art is the soul expressing itself
Movement is my art.
I’ve been searching for years for my special talent, my own expression. All along its been right here with me. My body. I have discovered that when I allow it to move to music there is such a sweet connection to an inner power and delight. I have developed a love for the edge of what my body is capable of and a curiosity for what is possible today. It is so intriguing how that edge is constantly changing. I have learned to breathe into the corners of my movement and they stretch. I have learned to embrace discomfort, as I know resistance is the thing that will allow me to grow stronger. Acceptance is the most important part of this equation, being able to accept my whole self completely. Saying kind words to my skin and muscles and organs has allowed me to cultivate a special relationship with this miraculous vehicle I am living in.

Every step I take is my art.


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