Lessons from Mexico
This trip was a spontaneous decision, which came about over lunch at our local Mexican restaurant.
My son and I were having a post work out meal when we ran into some friends having their lunch. We chatted and showed pictures of some fun partner yoga postures. I of course boasting about how strong my 19 yr old boy is and then they asked if I would like to go to Mexico with them. Without hesitation I agreed and that was it.  Two days later I purchased my ticket and two weeks after that was on a plane to visit a country that at one point was my home. Traveling alone as I like it. On my journey I decided that this would be a great opportunity to dive deep into my meditative self and focus on simply being present. This is what I discovered.

First of all this was the first trip I took with no real agenda, it was just a vacation simply for the sake of taking a vacation. I have traveled many places but each of those trips had a purpose, some reason I had to go. This trip was for nothing but my enjoyment.

I loved having absolutely no commitment, no structure around my day.
Second being alone is my favorite. I am truly an introvert. I have the ability to communicate with just about anyone.  I am confident enough but I realized the outgoing cheerleader personality that I sport most of my days is not who I really am. I prefer to be quiet, to just listen, to breathe, and feel.

Third keeping an open mind is helpful when first meeting people. The ladies that I was staying with were kind and fun and I really had only just met them on our trip. We had never spent any time together in our home- town.
 I chose to stay neutral and do what I could to just enjoy their unique personalities. It turned out that by accepting these women exactly as they were was the best strategy. I did truly enjoy getting to know them and had many laughs during our stay. I feel like I have a group of new sweet sisters.

Finally, being Mexican, as a child growing up in a poor half- breed family my heritage was a source of embarrassment. I was mad at my father for not being a good provider and having too many children to take care of. I was embarrassed of his culture and my last name. Being Mexican meant many negative things to me, (which I will not be discussing at this point) speaking the language was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I was exposed to the language at a very young age and had developed an authentic accent. When I was little I refused to speak Spanish. As an adult I can understand a lot of what I hear but I speak like a two year old.
Visiting Mexico with a new intention and mind set, as a grown woman who has come to terms with her upbringing was amazing.
What I discovered is Mexico is beautiful. The people are lovely. The tradition and culture are Rich and complex, the language intriguing. And I was accepted completely. When I opened my mouth to speak and the accent sounded right the sweet people accepted me as one of their own. I was told the reason I was so beautiful to them is because I looked like them. I got hugs and smiles and knuckels from complete strangers that were now my blood family.
This Mexican culture is very proud and I felt that pride coursing through my veins. Finally being ok with who I am and where I come from. I am indeed grateful to be apart of Mexico.
They called me Paisana, which means from the country. What a complement!
Coming back from my trip I had a feeling of love and pride and a new desire to introduce my children to this beautiful country, and to their heritage.  


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